Your Branded Debit payment solution is built on the ACH (Automated Clearing House) network.

After integration to your Point of Sale and Mobile App, your customers will be able to sign-up through your app or on your website and link this new account directly to their checking account at any US based financial institution.

Then, when they want to pay for their order in your store, your customer opens your app, logs into the payment section using a pin, and a secure, random, single-use payment token is generated. To complete the payment, the customer scans the QR payment token into the scanner attached to your Point of Sale.

No banking account information is shared between the customer’s phone and your point of sale, making your Branded Debit payment network more secure than accepting credit or debit cards.

You can use enhanced rewards in your app to drive customer sign-ups and usage of your Branded Debit payment network.