Is there a Discount Rate?

No. You are only charged a fixed fee for each transaction.

What are the Fees?

The fees vary by volume, but the base per-transaction fee ($0.20 or less) is lower than the costs associated with Regulated Debit.

How Do I Save Money?

By paying a simple fixed per-transaction fee that is lower cost than Regulated Debit, you save money on every transaction. Not only that, but your Branded Debit payment network is so secure you won’t have to worry about PCI and security related costs for all transactions processed through your network.

Is it Secure?

Yes. Not only is customer data stored securely using industry standard security protocols, but the use of random and single-use payment tokens means your customers are never sharing their account information directly with your infrastructure.

Is it easy to integrate?

It is! With robust APIs, you can integrate your App and your Point of Sale device(s) directly to your Branded Debit payment network with relative ease. And many Point of Sale devices are already integrated, so it’s possible you’ll only need to complete the integration to your mobile app.

Will this enhance our loyalty program?

Your customers will be signing up for YOUR Branded Debit payment network, meaning you have a closer relationship with them than you’ve ever had before. You can initiate such benefits as back-end rewards (cash back) or integrate payments into your existing frequent shopper/loyalty program to drive increased use of your app and overall engagement with your brand.

Why wouldn’t I just integrate credit cards to my app?

And continue to be subject to the constant associated cost increases? By driving your customers to sign-up and use your Branded Debit payment network, you not only lower your costs, but you maintain a more direct relationship with your customers and can drive their engagement with your brand and your mobile app.

Does it involve EMV?

No, EMV is only a requirement of debit and credit card processing established by the card brands. Also, by using a random, single-use payment token generated in your customer’s app, no account information is passed from the customer to you.

Does it involve PCI?

No, PCI is only a requirement of debit and credit card processing established by the card brands. Also, your systems never interact with actual customer account information.

Can the customer link to a debit card instead of a checking account?

No, funding transactions with a debit card would result in higher merchant costs and subject you to the same frustrations you already experience when you accept debit and credit cards. Instead, the customer links their account with you to a checking account.

What if the consumer doesn’t have a checking account?

Available with merchant approval, your customers can also fund their payments at your retail locations using a prominent Pre-Paid debit card option that serves customers across all 50 states.

Does it work internationally?

No, currently the technology only works through the Automated Clearing House network in the US.

What are the benefits of a Branded Debit program?

Your Branded Debit payment network will reduce costs and increase customer engagement. This increased customer engagement has been shown to increase the frequency of visits with higher spending per visit.

What hardware is required at my Point of Sale?

A QR Code scanner integrated to your point of sale is all you need. This can be a stationary reader or a handheld scanner.

How long does integration take?

Typical integration is 4-6 weeks, but this depends on the needs and resources of each merchant.

How do we get paid for sales through our Branded Debit payment network?

All deposits for sales are made into your bank account(s) via the ACH (Automated Clearing House) network.

What is ACH?

Per Wikipedia: Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States. ACH processes large volumes of credit and debit transactions in batches.

Is this pre-paid or a gift card?

No, your customers do not have to pre-fund their accounts in your program. Instead, the money is debited directly from their checking account after settlement of the transaction.

Why would our customers sign up?

Beyond the convenience of being able to pay for purchases through your app, your customers will be driven to sign-up and use your Branded Debit payment network through your use of coupons and rewards to incentivize their use of a lower cost and more engaging payment method.

How long does it take the customer to sign up?

Sign-up takes less than 5 minutes and is only required one time.

How does a customer sign-up?

Customers can sign-up securely through your mobile app or your website. They just need to provide the required personal information along with their bank routing number and checking account number and their account can be setup. At the end of the sign-up process the customer and bank account information are validated. Upon validation, the customer can begin making purchases using their new account.