After spending more than 15 years battling the card brands, banks, and payment processors to help merchants reduce their credit card swipe fees, the Branded Debit team realized that merchants, regardless of their size, could never truly win when someone else owned their payments infrastructure. With debit and credit cards, seemingly at will, fees could be increased by any number of payments chain participants while cardholders were increasingly using more expensive rewards and business credit cards. And add to that the cost shifting from high average ticket merchants to small ticket merchants that took place when “regulated debit” was introduced in October of 2011, it was the perfect storm for merchants who would continue to bear increasing costs with no viable alternative and limited leverage to negotiate.

Enter the patented technology behind Branded Debit. Now merchants have a viable alternative that allows them to control their transaction costs while increasing brand engagement through their own Branded Debit payment network.

After refining the technology for years and processing tens of millions of transactions, we are now pleased to serve retail merchants in any industry who want to enhance the functionality and convenience of their apps while also saving money over debit and credit cards.

Just imagine what you can accomplish when you

Own Your Payments.